What if you knew exactly where to access all the voice over opportunities out there?


With WTF VO!! there's no need to wonder about it anymore. You'll learn every single place that paid voice over jobs are lurking in one afternoon.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You could totally crush at voice over work.

You might have a background in acting, or perhaps you're more technical. Maybe you've even taken a voice over class or two. 

But, other than having an agent, (VERY hard to get if you haven't already been working for some years) just where the F are all the other jobs people seem to score?  

What if there was a way to learn EVERY way out there today to get paid for  voice over work?

That's exactly why I created WTF VO!!

I want to show you every way that exists today to find paid voice over work.

If you want to know where all the voice over jobs are in as little as one afternoon…

WTF VO!! is a digital mini course

It's lifted from one of the juiciest lessons in my larger course, The Workflow of VO

In this mini course, WTF VO!!, I break down, in detail, every way that you can find paid voice over work so you’ll know exactly where to go to start booking.

In this mini course

You will find...

An intro video, four videos of content, revealing where all your future jobs are, and a wrap up video.

An interactive workbook to help you work out exactly where jobs might available to you with the right approach.

Now, more than ever

You’ve got crazy potential to be doing voiceover work RIGHT NOW, from your own home, on your own time.


Or even while you travel!

But right now you don’t have any idea where to look for exactly where the voice over jobs are.  Just where are they hiding and how can you get access to them?

Imagine if you had 4 or more different streams of income for voice over, that you record on your own time.  Where every day, there was either a job, or auditions for jobs, in your lap, ready for you to BOOK, WORK, AND GET PAID FOR.

Hi. I'm Naomi Mercer McKell.

I’m a veteran voice over talent with some gigs under my belt like, the Facebook name pronunciation feature,  Mass Effect 2, Anki Overdrive, Emara the animated series, Countless E-Learning projects, Countless commercials – local, regional, & nat’l, Group – Audiobook, Imaging for countless radio and satellite stations.


I’m also a multi-passionate entrepreneur, with other ventures like the children’s hip hop duo my husband and I created, The TurnUps.  I’m also the host of an online show called Top Five Fave.


Every year that I’ve worked i voice over, I have received the return on the work I put in.  So, if I’m focusing on VO, I can earn 6 figures, as do many of my colleagues.  If I dial it back to focus one of my other dreams, I can STILL earn enough to get by.  For example last year, I only worked an average of 5 hours a week and I earned $52,600.62.  


Voice over work has given me the freedom to pursue all of my passions as well as travel when I want to, while still working.


While I thrive in all kinds of ways with voice over work today, I used to be in that same situation I described above: full of potential, even a some training to do great at voice over work, but no clue where the job were.  I tried for a solid year and a half to get an agent.  But it was the classic catch 22.  I didn’t have any experience so no agent was ready to take a risk on me yet.  I did eventually get to the point where I have several agents today, but I never would have got here if I didn’t gain experience working the lower hanging fruit jobs.


That whole process was long and tedious.  My goal with WTF VO!! is to take the mystery out of all the ways to land jobs for aspiring voice over talents.  There are always roadblocks with starting any new venture.  If I can help take just one away then you’ll waste less time getting to building up your voice over career to something that sustains you.

Course curriculum

  • Agent

  • Roster

  • Networking

  • Pay 2 Play 

Next Steps...

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Total Value


With the total value of all the info in WTF VO!! All the time you will save knowing just where all the jobs are, you're practically saving money by taking this mini course!

Course Value


The meat and potatoes of this course is 4 in depth videos that are jam packed with solid information.


Interactive Workbook


A PDF form workbook to help you work out exactly where jobs might available to you with the right approach.

For Real Though, HURRY


Get it while the gettin's good

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

  • For life!! Guaranteed.

I speak a foreign language. Is there work out there for someone like me?

  • You bet! In fact you have a serious edge! There is work out there in every language and even every dialect/accent within that language.

Am I too old to do voice over work?

  • HELL NO. There is work for every age-range out there. I just entered a new one and I love it!

Do I need experience to land these jobs?

  • Not always! Several of the ways I talk about getting work were how I booked my first jobs and filled up my client list for the first time.

Who should take this mini course?

These are the types of people who would benefit from WTF VO!!

  • Someone who, at some point, took a voice over class - OR intends to at some point. Voice over skills are wonderful, vital in fact, for doing voice over work professionally. This mini course will tell you where all the dang jobs are so you can start planning your next steps TO USE THOSE VO SKILLS ALREADY AND START EARNING SOME CASH FROM THEM!

  • Amazing for anyone sitting at home, wondering what they can do with their time to get something going before their unemployment runs out!

  • Great if you are ready to book your first vo job. Or, if you have worked a few, and want to level up and learn all the places to solicit work.

  • Perfect for anyone who wants jobs that are done right in your own home. I knew the work from home (WFH) life long before the pandemic hit. And now, I am thankful every day that I can keep working to support my family. There might be less of the giant 7-figure-paying campaigns out there - but regular voice over work is more plentiful and accessible than ever before. 

  • Great for anyone who does on camera acting. Supplement your income between your acting gigs with vo jobs!

How does this all work if I buy?

Click the "Buy Now" button to purchase


After that, check your inbox, and you’ll receive an email with your log in credentials to log into my platform. Then you can get started right away and you’ll have lifetime access! Go through the videos at your own pace, from any device.



Imagine where you could be a year from now...

If you knew where all the voice over jobs were hiding.


If you started getting after it when you finished this mini course and STARTED BOOKING.  If you had a client list - that was filling up your calendar and your bank account.  You could be working from home.  You wouldn’t have to worry about going back to a job that might put you or a family member at risk.  You could be traveling to that place you’ve always wanted to go to--and even stay for a while.


Now is the time to get this course!

WTF VO!! Where To Find Voice Over

What if you knew exactly where to access all the voice over opportunities out there?


With WTF VO!!, there's no need to wonder about it anymore. You'll learn every single place that paid voice over jobs are lurking in one afternoon. Get it now for just $37 bucks.

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